Cheap apartments in Stockbridge, GA

There are many things that can come about when looking for or living in cheap apartments in stockbridge ga. Is the building you are living in or looking for a rental unit in on a business’ watch list for demolition when the time is right? Many builders are buying up premium land, demolishing the houses or apartment complexes on that plot of land and then building a large, obnoxious home on the property. Or, they build a larger apartment complex that has 1,000 new apartments and can now house two to three times more families than the original building previously did.  This is where greed sets in and the tenants are vulnerable.

This purchase of land and buildings for destruction depletes the amount of rental units available for people to live in on a temporary basis...

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Recommendations for Writing a Contract for Apartments

If you were moving away from Oregon, how would you go about renting your apartment in Stockbridge GA to someone, without getting the potential “riff-raff” that comes with every new apartment tenant?  There are a lot of ways you can find a tenant to rent your apartment – advertise for tenants or get a property management company to do it. As a former insurance adjuster, some tenants are better than others.  Unfortunately, you can’t see what they are like before you rent to them and what they have done to other places they have rented.  However, there are steps you can take to do your best in protecting yourself and your property.

The first recommendation is to make sure you request the potential tenant(s) to complete a Lease or Rental Application (“Application”) that asks for all t...

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Water damage in Apartments in Stockbridge, GA

You have just moved into a 5th floor apartment with 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths (one in the Master Bedroom), separate living and dining spaces, kitchen and, last but certainly not least, a terrace that runs the entire length of the living room with a sliding glass door.  There is enough room for 2 chaise loungers and a small table, plus a couple of chairs; perfect for a family of four.  You have waited for these cheap apartments in Stockbridge GA since your job moved you to Stockbridge GA several months ago.

This is the apartment of your dreams with your family.  Granted you will still be unpacking boxes for a while but it is beginning to look and feel like a home.  Then the unthinkable happens...

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Eviction Notice for Apartments in Stockbridge

Try to imagine on Friday night coming home to your 20th-story high rise apartment in Stockbridge, GA after a hard day and week at work.  Your thoughts are of changing out of your work clothes, getting something to drink, grabbing the newspaper and going out on your terrace to watch the sun go down.  Sounds like a great plan, doesn’t it?  It does to me.  Unfortunately, when you get off the elevator and look towards your door, there is a bright orange sign on it with the dreaded words in capital letters and bold print – eviction notice.

Your thoughts automatically go to – have I not paid my rent for the month, have I not paid the building association dues, have I violated one of the clauses of the cheap apartments in Stockbridge GA Agreement?  All extremely valid questions!  So much ...

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